The Golf Den School

Golf is an easy sport, to a point. If you are a recreational golfer you may want to win a few games against your golfing fiends, maybe compete in your club championship or your company's annual golf tournament.

Regardless of the reason why you play the game, understanding the mechanics of the golf swing is so important. If you ever watched the Golf Channel and got even more confused, you are not alone. Most people that follow online instruction do not improve as much as they would like to, because it is not the same, it's better if you have a teaching professional to show and explain what to do and how to do it.

80% of the people who play golf don't hold the golf club correctly in their hands and don't follow the right swing path, the two most important fundamentals of the golf swing. If you are not breaking at lest 90 or playing bogey golf, you are one of them.

The golf club is like any other hand tool, like a hammer or a paint brush, or a utensil, like  a pen, pencil or a fork, spoon or chopsticks, if you don't hold it properly or swing it or move correctly, it's not gonna work, it may work some times but not most of the time.

At the Golf Den we have certified instructors that will literally put the club correctly in your hands and help you get on the path of improvement 


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Swing Analysis (includes video)

30 minutes $25 

Private Lessons 

1 hour $50

5 - 1 hour Private Lessons Package

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5 - 1 hour Private Lessons plus 5 Games Championship Bay Package

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